Making myself into different art styles day 2: Andy Warhol

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My finances would be a lot better if ATMs would ask me what I need the money for and then look at me disapprovingly before giving me half.


Rules for being a good neighbor:
2. Don’t forget rule number one.


My toddler appears to know a magic spell to transform any space into a Hoarders episode.


Dracula had it right, sleep all day, live alone in a castle & explode into a thousand bats to get out of social situations.


*sets up 10 security questions for online account*

*clicks on “remember me”*


Just saw a bird walking down the side of the road & yelled out my window, “YOU CAN FLY, YOU STUPID BIRD,” because I am a mature adult.


The 6 or so days between Christmas and New Year’s is truly No Man’s Land. Like am I supposed to sleep all day? Get my life together? Spend the entire day watching TikToks? Hang out with my parents? Are we in 2019 or 2020? What do I eat besides Christmas cookies?