Mary has her cakes…
Sandra has her cookies…

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Potential Employer: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Me: “In the break room, with my arm stuck in the vending machine.”


[ first day as surgeon ]

me: and now we let the anesthesia set in

patient: do i get some too


I accidentally hit my sister over the head with a frying pan when we were kids. To this day, she doesn’t believe it was an accident. Also to this day, I think it was hilarious.


Husband is watching a Hunger Games movie marathon with the kids.

Little does he know that while he’s at work all day, I LIVE the Hunger Games with these people. And it’s definitely a marathon.


If a soccer player falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it, do they still flail their arms and cry and act like a big dumb baby?


*Band at a drive-thru, arguing about band name*
Cashier: Here’s your fries, and a nickel back
Chad Kroeger, gasps: You guys I have an idea


“I can’t wait until this one orange erases years of poor eating choices.”

-me, dieting


“I hate you but I love you. I miss you but you make me sick. You’re wonderful but get away from me” -My love letter to carbs


Wife: I’m leaving with the kids if you don’t stop pretending our house is a hospital

Me: That would be great, we really need the beds