Me (age 26): *parties like a rock star*

Me (age 46): *plots against the raccoon that keeps getting into my bird feeder*

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my kids: i can’t wait! we’re going to the beach! squee!

also my kids: ew! i hate sand! get it off of me!


I showed my students that I can say my ABCs backwards and a student shouted “SHE’S A WITCH!” and then I unzipped my jacket and revealed my Hocus Pocus shirt and they all screamed and the universe has never aligned like this for me


Mrs. Jekyll: I’m eating for two

Dr. Jekyll: oh no not you too


Wife [asking serious questions during NFL™ kickoff] …

Me [screaming at tv] yes! Yes! YES!!

Wife: okay! Yay!! [adopts 13 cats]


[Speed Date]

Me: Hi. Could you show me on this Venn Diagram where alcohol & donuts overlap in your daily life?
Him: I..
Me: Too slow. NEXT!


Sorry I embarrassed you when I tried to draft Smaug, but I totally misunderstood the concept of a Fantasy football league.


its prettey gutsy that u call urself a salad, potato salad


They say using smaller plates will help you eat less.
It took 3 of them to hold my dinner, not sure how this is helping.


Just bought a universal remote control.

…I really wish, this changes everything..