Me: Diets suck. Why I gotta do it too?
Her: No I in team
Me: Isn’t 1 in diet either.
Her: Yes there..
Me: I’m too hungry for your mindgames!

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“So hell isn’t too bad,” I say from the podium. “I just keep teaching?”
“Actually…” said a demon
“Actually…” said another


me: see you tomorrow
coworker: ok it’s a date

me, thinking to myself: a date? but that could lead to affection, intimacy and eventually, love

[the next day]

coworker: *just doing work stuff like any other day*

me: *in HR desperately seeking a transfer to Argentina*


Anyone who shows up late to work, wearing shades and clutching a Gatorade is about to tell a lie.


HER: I’m studying to be a scientist but really love comedy
ME: [trying to impress her] Botany good textbooks lately?


Some woman honked and shot me the bird in the McDonald’s drive thru because I was taking too long to order. So I paid for her food….

Then when I got to the food window I showed them both receipts and took her food.

I paid for it. It’s mine.

Not today, Satan.


You can be anything you set your mind to become

Me: wants to be loved

*Becomes pizza

Life: adds pineapple


Magician: I need a volunteer. [man stands] Not you. [woman stands] Not you. GARY GET UP HERE! [Gary goes up] We’ve never met before, right?