Me: *finishes up dinner date*

Me: *sits down at new table* Sorry I’m late, traffic was awful

Her: …you were literally sitting at the table right next to this one

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Boss “Are you high?”

If I was high could I do this?

*opens a tube of Pringles and eats only 1 of them*


I am always amazed when people grossly exaggerate my lifestyle as a lesbian. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a topless cupcake fight to attend.


i can guess how someone will die based on their clothes
date: what about me?
Hawaiian themed bathroom fire


My password is ELEPHANT. It may not be the strongest but I never forget.


Plot twist:

My avi is human, but I’m a cartoon in real life.


Brain: No.
Me: …
Brain: Really.
Me: …
Brain: Don’t do it.
Me: …
Brain: Keep your mouth sh-

“Honey, you’re wrong.”

Brain: I give up.


Halfway through my stand-up routine I started getting heckled. The crowd shouted such insults as “This sucks” and “Stop it” and “Why are you doing this to us, Mom?”


I’ve become a believer in letting the walls and furniture teach my kids that there is no running in the house.

I call it the School of Hard Knock Yo Selves Out.


CAT: mew
ME: indeed, u are correct kitty
CAT: mew
ME: well said, kitty, well said

FRIEND I FORGOT WAS THERE: are u ok…? Emotionally?


Him: I’m leaving you.
Me: [can’t hear him because I’m trying to breakdance in my bubble wrap suit]