me: I love the feel of fresh, crisp sheets against my naked body

clerk: ma’am, this is a Bed Bath & Beyond. please put your clothes on and leave

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I just witnessed a co worker eat a cupcake with no frosting.

What kind of devil worshiping nonsense is this?


Me: Hi, is this Chuck E Cheese?
How many kids do I need to have with me to be able to eat and play there?

Chuck E. Cheese: Just one

Me: *opens door to white van* Get out Rebecca I don’t need you


FITNESS TIP: Stretching is important. Stretch out flat on your back. Stretch your eyelids over your eyes. Stretch a blanket over your body.


When my sugar daddy told me no, I asked my sugar mommy, and my sugar daddy found out and now I’m sugar grounded.


i bet all the girls say “i bet you say that to all the girls” to all the guys.


{Outside burning building}
HER: Don’t be a hero!

ME: *Very much enjoying my ice cream* I had literally not even considered it.


Me: *taking a family photograph*

Family: Did that guy just steal our picture?


I went to the zoo and saw a piece of toast in a cage. The sign said BREAD IN CAPTIVITY.


My gf told me to take my phone and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

So I sent it to Seattle.

Women make no sense some days.