me: i need answers

smashmouth guy: please i have a family

me: [tasing him again] who told you?

smashmouth guy: aaagh

me: who? [pulling his face close to mine] who told you the world was gonna roll me

smashmouth guy: it was *sobsob* SOMEBODY

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How to make a Disney Pixar film:
1. Take something that doesn’t talk
2. Make it talk


Just because we’ve been friends for ten years doesn’t mean I know your kids’ names.


groundhog: sorry guys, 6 more weeks of winter

everyone (sunbathing in february): ok


If they ban straws, that means I can no longer flirtatiously blow the straw wrapper at my date and that is literally my only move.


[pizza delivery]

Girl: Is there an other way I can pay you? *bites lip*


*pulls out phone*

see that RT button?


The inventor of inappropriate innuendo has died
His family are taking it really hard


Windows: “You may be the victim of software counterfeiting”

no Microsoft,it is you who is the victim of software counterfeiting here, not I


I like how I carefully open a box of cookies so I don’t damage the resealable tabs like I’m not eating them all right now


*uses handkerchief*
Well now that this is used, it seems I won’t be blowing my nose again til laundry day.


me: will i go to jail in the future

psychic: no

me: gimme your wallet and empty the register