me: i wish i could have sex before i die

genie: granted

me: [873 years old] motherfu

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My fitness instructer keeps asking if I squat.

No Gary..I rent. I’m not a hobo.


When the chips are down, be a good friend & say a few kind words to the chips. See if that helps.


“They say children learn by example, even for potty training.”

-I explain to my horrified neighbor as my son and dog poop on the lawn


Pro Tip: Make sure you wear your Fitbit on your dominant hand so you get credit every time you lift an ice cream cone to your mouth.


You’re a dog person? *Throws a stick* Well? Aren’t you going to run after it or are you cool with being a normal human that’s also a liar?


Me: your freezer went out I had to eat all the ice cream sandwiches
Friend: it looks like someone kicked the outlet back into the drywall


*pulls away from kissing*
Me: Please insert 2oz of cheese to continue.