me: I’m working on a romcom about mansplaining

agent: what’s it called

me: Actually Love

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Homeschooling isn’t going great but at least my son has learned the skill of hiding in the bathroom in case he has kids one day


If weddings were for couples there would be men’s wedding magazines.


WIFE: omg someone’s broken in!
ME *bravely grabs baseball bat from under the bed* wait here

FRIEND: Can’t you just tell her you want to play baseball?
ME: Keep your voice down


Candlesticks, for when you want to be stylish but also might need a murder weapon.


Boss: Your CV says eggs, milk, bread
Me: That’s right
[cut to supermarket]
Wife: Excuse me, where are the attention to details?


horrifying if literal: the electric slide


in a world where big data threatens to commodify our lives,. telling online surveys that i “Dont know” what pringles are constitutes Heroism


I hate reality shows. Like this one, for instance, called “The News.”