Me: Play dead
My Dog: *drives to my office and starts doing my job*

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They don’t seem to abduct humans like they used to; looks like we are not the only planet with government science-funding budget cuts. Sad.


If I was a drunk superhero, I’m pretty sure I’d be “I Love You Man”


I’m scared of Botox and plastic surgery so my plan for turning 40 is Snapchat filters.


*struggling to get the peanut butter jar that I just closed open*



I like to leave my key in the front door every few months to make sure the neighborhood is still safe


I wouldn’t mess with me; my stress ball can easily take an eye out.


Called a restaurant to make a reservation but couldn’t think of the word so asked for a food appointment and now I can never show my face there again


You go on cruises when you only want to experience other countries cultures for an hour and still have Budweiser and chicken fingers for dinner