Me: *pours 3rd glass of wine at dinner*

My organs: We strike at dawn.

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There will come a day when Christ will drive out evil from our land, and it will be the Judgment Day!

*T-1000 shifts nervously*


Saw someone simultaneously walking while writing on a pad of paper.

I yelled at them to text and drive like a normal person.


Are chicken nuggets an emotion because i feel very chicken nuggets right now


bruce banner: [getting angry]

black widow: here eat this [hands a mint]

bruce banner: what is this?

black widow: anger manageMINT.

hulk: [sighs heavily]


*coworker drinks coffee I made them*

Me: I poisoned your coffee…
Coworker: WHAT?
Me:…with love!
Coworker: oh haha
me: The love for murder


4yo daughter: No matter how much I wipe there’s still poo
Me: *blocking people on twitter* Same, baby