Me: Sir, is this corn maze GMO free?

Him: It’s five dollars.

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[cat mom giving birth]

Cat dad: Aw, a healthy kit-
WHAT THE, twins!
OMG triplets…holy shit, 4?
WTF IS HAP- 6 *faints*


[First date]

Him: “I’m Mark. I’m a librarian.”

Me: “So, you’re a book Mark?”


Why doesn’t anyone put the whole football on their mouth like a pelican and pretend they don’t have it


“How’s your sexual history?”
Well doc, if i had to summarize it in one word it would be “deletable”


I once almost called 911 from the bathroom because I was afraid I would never stop peeing.

Related fact: marijuana warps time perception


TIME TRAVELER: I’m here from the future

ME: Really? Who wins the election?

TT: Omg it’s such a disgrace

ME: You need to be more specific


So far, I’ve gotten away with passing as an adult again today.


Do I just say yes or do I make my group hate me before we even begin this project


Me: How do I beat the bully?

Dad: Just punch him

Me: I am not doing that

Dad: Or grow up, work hard, and be more successful and popular than him

Me: So like an uppercut?