Me: So, what are your thoughts?
Therapist: Well, I think you may have some boundary issues.
Me: [In his lap] Are you saying I’m fat?!

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First date
Her: So what do you do?
Him: I’m currently trying to eliminate all cancers
Her: Wow, impressive
Him: Then I’ll move on to Virgos


1st baby: you make sure he’s breathing every five minutes

2nd baby: someone replaced him with a ham in the crib and you don’t even notice


*fashions codpiece out of grilled cheese sandwich*

Wife: it’s still NO!


3 things that makes me stress:

• hot days
• annoying people
• stand close to annoying people in hot days


Give it to me straight
“I’d really like to have sex with you-”
Now give it to me gay
“-r boyfriend.”


In the future, our grandchildren will ask why skyscrapers skip the 45th floor.


[girlfriend finally texts back]
ME: i’m so mad at you.
HER: i’m naked come over.
ME: i’m not really mad i was jk lol omw babe


WANTED: ladder. must be in working condition. bring it by 5134 parker st, it’s the big yellow house with a guy on the roof


Its ridiculous that Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his anger issues and not for his amazing & realistic paintings of fake tunnels.