ME: this one time me and my friends went camping and-
DATE: “my friends and i”
ME: so this one time me and my friends and i went camping and

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[marriage counseling]

She thinks I make bad decisions

“He picked a fight with a raccoon”



Staying with my parents, part 6:

My mom: Oh hey, those fruit leathers you ate expired last month, just so you know.

Me: WHAT? Nooo!

Her: Next time you should read the box.

Me: I mean…I didn’t think I had to cause I trusted you

Her: lol that was your first mistake


ME IN 2010: My prospects for the future are bright and I am focused on them
ME IN 2017: I’m going to tweet about a raccoon who outwits me


Should I be annoyed or smug that I continually show up in the LinkedIn recruiter search of the company that laid me off


son you’re getting older and one way I show my trust in you is letting you tackle some tough jobs on your own;
bathing the cat for starters


Why is it that when your dog brings you things he’s killed it’s cute, but when I do it we have to get the police involved?


my ex has had a really hard time moving on. from what i can tell through his blinds, he is currently eating (something we always did)


I wanted a 6 pack, so I started Hip Hop abs.

Quit 1/3 of the way through.

Ended up with a 2Pac.