Me: Two fingers here.
Son: OK.
M: One in the other hole.
S: Got it.
M: Relax your wrist.
M: Bowling. Chill.

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[space shuttle]
Captain: prepare for landing
Me: roger that
C: reverse thrusters
M: sretsurht lol
C: lol
*we smash full speed into the moon*


History Channel, 1995: Here’s some things that happened

History Channel, 2005: Here’s some things that could have happened

History Channel, 2015: Here’s some things that realistically never happen

History Channel, 2025: Here’s some aliens that restore ice road trucks for war


Pro Tip:
If you knock on the door to a bathroom stall and someone says “one second,” wait more than one second before entering.


What if your beverage could lightly choke you? Try boba! Yes, boba. Combining refreshment and near death experience since 1980.


“Something in the way she moos / attracts me like no udder lover”


Most of my friends are imaginary but don’t judge because so are you


Bought one of those SMTWTFS, but I can’t pronounce that so I just call it a pill box.


That awkward moment when you look over to give another driver a condescending look criticizing their driving and you nearly wreck and die.