“Mounting debt” sounds way sexier than it is.

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I make one mistake and my pharmacist now adds “by mouth” on the prescription label.


By the age of 30 you should have

1. $100 in your account

2. a knee pain

3. anxiety

4. back pain


Patient: Doc, my stomach is killing me.
DR DOG: *scratches chin* Have you tried eating grass?


On the Titanic 0 people died from alcohol poisoning and 1,500 people died from drinking too much water. You decide which is more dangerous.


If I hold my phone upside down it looks like you have replied to my text and I’m ignoring you.


Therapist: It’s all “me me me”. Try to think of others instead
Me: I’ll try

Me *to murderer* no PLEASE don’t kill uh Paul Rudd


You shouldn’t judge people. What if that bloke outside your window with a clown mask and knife is just a chef that lost his way.


The Karate Kid would be a shorter movie if Daniel had just bought a gun.


LOL pills that say don’t take with alcohol. Ok Doc, how do YOU
suggest I take my medication then?


ME: what are those little bugs hovering around the basket of grapes?

GUY: fruit flies I think

ME: *rolls eyes* no it doesn’t, doug