My 13 yro daughter just asked

What if “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” & “It’s Raining Men” are about the same event, but from different perspectives?

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Judas: still on for Friday?
Jesus: Friday?
Judas: yeah, the last supper
Jesus: the what?
Judas: supper. Normal supper with the fellas


American Bulldog: Bark!

German Shepard: Ba<hocks loogie>rk!

Boston Terrier: fahken bahk!


All these Email scams must make it hard for Legitimate Nigerian Royalty to share large sums of cash with strangers!


A prankster draws glasses on all the photos In Lois Lanes family photo album…
Lois Lane: “this is not my family photo album!”


I see you keep your wallet and cell phone in your bra


*reaches into bra, pulls out an entire wheel of cheese*


Welcome to The News. Tonight’s top story: you know that thing you love? It’s terrible and you’re terrible. Thanks,


I’m not worried about toilet paper, but if I go to the store and my coffee creamer is gone, we are going to have issues.


Arnold Palmer: get me a refreshing drink
Barkeep: try this, its lemonade and iced tea
Arnold Palmer: Mmm… its good… I just invented it.