My daughters took turns tracing each other over and over with chalk.

Now it looks like 25 children were murdered in my driveway.

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jewelry making tip: a simple can of gold spraypaint can turn a chicken nugget into a gold nugget


I learned most of what I know about dropping pianos on people from cartoons.


3-year-old: *sits at the table forever without touching anything*

Me: *eats one cold chicken nugget*



Am I supposed to know my own blood type? I don’t even know what types of blood there are


COP: Where were you the night of the murder?
CROW: I was with a group of friends
COP: What would you call that group?
CROW: …I want a lawyer


If you’re filling a glass up and stop halfway, it’s half full. If you’re emptying a glass and stop halfway, it’s half empty.
You’re welcome


As a kid, I always wondered why my mom never wore the macaroni necklace I made her to work. And now I’m a mom and I’m like, Oh. OK.


A guy got beaten up in a local biker bar for trying to order Boone’s Farm strawberry wine.

-tweeted from my hospital bed


Kids: We’re bored.
Me: Here’s a dime. Call someone who cares.
Kids: What?
Me: When I was a kid that was an insult.
Kids: Why?
Me: We had phones you had to put coins-
Kids: Why wouldn’t you just text them for free?
Me: So we didn’t have textin-