My dentist said I grind at night. I was like, ok stalker.

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hot singles are in your area, merging together into a plurality, a hot leviathan. the time for chat is over. this is not your area anymore


HER: how was your day?

ME: you know in Die Hard when he runs barefoot over broken glass?

HER: it was that bad??

ME: oh no, it’s just a cool scene…my day was decent


[Taken Nemo]

*Clam phone rings*

Marliam Neeson: I have a particular set of gills. I don’t know who you are, but I will find Nemo.


break the monotony of your uber driver’s day by saying “sorry about your car” as you get out


[at 25yr class reunion]

Me: You haven’t changed at all!

Her: Hahaha, thanks

Me: *leans in* That wasn’t a compliment, Diane


The real walk of shame is having to waddle to the hall closet to get toilet paper because you didn’t check before engaging the launch code.


• they’re actually working shh this is the process
• haven’t slept in 19 years so this is a power nap
• hoping a bakery will appear
• just fell down a plot hole and horror is setting in
• about to scream
• any second now
• oh here they go


My Obgyn suggested I cut carbs to maintain a healthier pregnancy weight.
Frankly, I’d rather cut the Obgyn.


Taco guy: guac costs extra
Obi Wan: [wafts hand] guac is free
Taco Guy: guac is free…
Anakin: why’d u even pay for the taco?
Obi Wan: dammit


If you can talk really fast you have some options in life: Become an auctioneer or list the side effects of drugs at the end of commercials.