My dog just fell off the bed.

I’m glad I’m not the only one drunk around here.

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Do you ever eat an individual-sized bag of chips and wonder what kind of “individual” only eats seven chips?


I do the pee pee dance anytime I hear running water just like any other human.


*graham crackers
*lighter fluid

Cashier: “Going camping?”
Me: “Nope”



If you see someone wearing camouflage clothing, bump into them.
It only takes a second of your time & it makes them feel like it works.


Can’t, waiting for the DIY instructions on how to make ventilators from cauliflower.


me: is there anything i can do about my dry skin

dermatologist: aloe

me: hi is there anything i can do about my dry skin


I forgot to wear my glasses when I drove today. I didn’t even notice I wasn’t wearing them until the kid on my windshield said something


This day in history. 1940. Carbon-14 was discovered, allowing us to estimate the age of organic materials such as wood, leather, and Cher.