My husband has forbidden me to go to Costco when I’m hungry. I don’t understand. How hard is it to eat 47 rotisserie chickens?

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A 23-yr-old woman in India fought off an adult tiger with a stick

My cat just stole my tuna sandwich right out of my hand


If you wear your jeans 5 days in a row, they become all baggy and it looks like you’re losing weight.

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I saw a crying baby and gave it my phone bill cuz why should we both be upset?


We must preserve our bookstores. There are so few places you can go to slide sideways on a ladder


TRUE STORY: My wife and I cleaned the house last weekend and found that we both have children from previous marriages.


There is a vast difference between an underdog and a loser, the first one has a real chance to win.


hello and welcome to Fantasy Football *Dumbledore passes ball to Frodo* *Gandalf intercepts football and eats it*


It may just be the parasite talking, but I’m going to climb that super tall building over there and release all my spores.