My mom once asked if Jack Frost was based on a true story. Jack Frost is a movie where a father dies and returns as a snowman.

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Hi I’m in my forties and I cry when I drop something on the floor and have to bend over and pick it up.


[Dads birthday]
“Make a wish Dad”
*Dad blows out candles
*Looks around
*Looks @ wife
Where did our son go?
-What son?
*Dad cries with joy


“I’m not usually religious, but…” – Dan Mintz

#LGBT #gayrights #equality #atheist


Dude, what part of “I don’t speak your language” don’t you understand?


GUY: Do you want to play fantasy baseball?

ME: Okay, I’m a pitcher with gills


Scissors [to Rock]: So you beat me & I beat Paper but how does Paper beat you?
[cut to Paper meeting a hitman] Make it look like an accident


Me: Can you describe the suspect?

Him: He was heavily armed

Me *writing octopus* this is bad