My onlyfans account is just me trying to trim my toenails and breathe at the same time

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Hospital Administrator: And how will you be paying?

Me: *Has no insurance* Dearly.


FLIGHT ATTENDANT: attention passengers is anyone here a doctor
PASSENGERS: sorry no
FLIGHT ATTENDANT: um ok then is anyone here a pilot



me: hi

Danny Devito: well hello there


Hey women, save your money, we just want you wrapped in a bow for Christmas. Wait, don’t even worry about buying the bow.


Good Cop: If you tell us where the money is we can help you.

Bag Cop: *majestically floats around the interrogation room on AC currents*


Fun prank. Tell your bf you’re getting your hair done. Leave. Don’t get your hair done. When you come back & he says it looks great stab him


[last day at job]

“You’ve made my life a misery, I hate you all”

[remembers my car is in the garage and I need a lift]

“Not you tho Phil”