My son unloading the dishwasher literally sounds like he dumped the whole thing on the floor & I should probably go look but I haven’t heard any screaming so I think we’re good.

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If you put on a really cute outfit you can walk around a nightclub selling people drinks that you find on tables.


My boss is coming to my grandad’s funeral tomorrow.

He said, after his 3 previous funerals he personally wants to see him go in the ground


[meeting to name the brownie]
“How about baked chocolate cake?”
“Yummy choccy bake?”
Guy who named the orange: I have an idea…


My iPhone won’t even recognize my fingerprint unless it’s got crumbs on it.


A guy just said he wants to know what I got “in the trunk”

I told him duct tape, a shovel and rapid decomposition powder

Flirting is hard


[before date]

friend: make everything about her


waiter: *trips and spills food everywhere*

me: *to date* this is all your fault


Paper jam is the least delicious of all preserves.


Me: I’m not going to spend money on a Halloween costume this year.

Also me: *comes home with 5 Halloween costumes for my dog*