My son’s soccer coach just said, “You can’t spell “triumph” without ‘try,'” and the look my son and I shared will bond us forever.

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Shout out to slugs for doing everything a snail does without a helmet


ME: I want a koi swimming downstream

TATTOO ARTIST: Ah yes. That’s very symbolic. You must be very spiritual?

ME: Ya ha. Also, put a pop-tart in its mouth


Normal people flirting: Hey you’re cute we should go out sometime

Me flirting: So do you like bread


If you also bump into furniture and apologize to it, you can be in our secret society.


[blind date]

HER: lmao! You seriously wore pajamas on a first date?

ME: hey!! You’re not blind!!


Wife: “I’m sick and tired of your walkie-talkie obsession. This marriage is over.”

Me: “You broke up there. This marriage is what? Over.”


Pennywise does live in the sewer, rent free. That speaks to financial discipline. And he eats children, who are also free. Based on that, I’m gonna say the name is more likely earnest than ironic.


Her: Well, I know I told you that.

Me: *closes eyes*

Her: What are you doing?

Me: Checking for it in my spam folder.