My wife and I don’t often spend money on luxuries, but when we do, I’m glad it’s for something we can both enjoy like decorative pillows.

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BABY: *cries*
ME: Get in line, buddy.

PUPPY: *cries*


“How many fingers do I have up?”

– a gynecologist who thinks he’s really funny


Stop flattering yourself.
I’m not subtweeting you.
Ok, i am right now, but i wasn’t before.


“Sorry, that was my bad.”
“Your bad what?”
“No. I’m just sayin’: Sorry. My bad.”
“You’re bad at completing an apologetic sentence?”


[moth meeting]
Moth: I was thinking, since we all love the light so much why don’t we come out during the day?
Head moth: no, we fly into lamps until we die


[ opening mail ]

Her: The homeowners association made a new rule saying that we cannot display fake blood or any character from a horror film in the front yards of the neighborhood this year.

Me: What?!

Her: Guess you’ll have to do something nice using just pumpkins.



HADES: what happens when Aphrodites hair gets frizzy?
ZEUS: don’t-
HADES: i guess u could call her AFROdite
ZEUS: this is why we banished u


Remember when you were small & all you wanted was a pony but your parents were high on meth & thought the house was already full of ponies?