My wife: “Can you pass me the stud finder?”
Me: “You’re the stud finder!”
*deep, awkward silence*
Me: “Here it is.”

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If you’re wearing khaki above the waist I’m going to assume you know everything about every animal.


*sees cute doctor in scrubs*
*falls over* HELP! I need mouth-to-mouth!

Doc: …
Me: Aren’t you obligated to help?

Husband: GET UP!


“You’re a HORRIBLE parent!”

– my daughter because I won’t let her use a chainsaw to make a treehouse.


my whole life consists of people asking me if i’ve seen this movie and me telling them no i haven’t seen that movie and then them telling me i should see that movie and then me telling them i’ll add it to the list but there is no list and i won’t watch that movie


[Super Villain Team Tryouts]

COACH: Tell me what you can do

MAGNETO: I can manipulate metal

LOKI: I’m a god

THE PENGUIN (shoving his way to the front): I LIKE PENGUINS!


What’s that thing called when your crush likes you back? Oh yeah. Imagination.


Saw a guy with flames tattooed all over his face. I hope someday he finds a girl who has marshmallows tattooed all over hers.


shave your dog in the winter so he stands out in the crowd. if you lose him u can easily describe him as the cold bald dog