My wife does this cute thing now & then where she goes out shopping for next years yard sale items.

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Everyone SAYS they want a fairytale wedding but when I show up and curse their firstborn suddenly I’m the jerk.


BANK ROBBER: I said keep your hands up!

ME: *Exasperated sigh* The whole time?!


I am literally the only one at this baby shower who turned up with champagne & a coat hanger.


Every time my dentist is kind enough to tell me I need to floss, I am kind enough to tell him that he needs to trim his nostril hairs.


Interestingly, if we invade North Korea because it caused us to miss a movie, that still won’t be the worst reason we ever went to war.


be careful when u talk baby talk to a baby becuase if u dont understand what ur saying u may acidentaly be declaring war in baby langauge


Perks of being an adult: I can eat 8 cookies, no one can stop me.

Cons of being an adult: I ate 8 cookies, no one stopped me, I feel awful.