My wife: “What are you doing?”

“Having an argument on Twitter”

“With a man or woman?”

“A lamp.”

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WIFE: We’d have less arguments if he wasn’t so pedantic

THERAPIST [to me] Is that right?

ME: No. It should be fewer arguments


Bring a hedgehog into the library and frantically ask the clerks where they keep the reverse spell casting books.


*the night I met my spouse*

Me: I don’t usually do this.

*present day, as the kids binge YouTube*

Me: I don’t usually do this.


In Australia we say tuna not tuna fish because tuna cow and tuna chicken are not readily available here.




-Me, on a Tuesday


“Slow down, it’s not a race,” I tell my kids because I want that last piece of pizza.


And I don’t want to hear people from imaginary places like Finland telling me that 57 degrees isn’t cold, save it for the elves, Santa


*goes to Costco to stock up*

*comes home with all the Doritos*


Me: lay down
Me: arms above your head
Me: don’t stop once you start
He: when I said role play…
Me: *pushes him down grassy hill*


I just smoked the fattest blunt.. And now my refrigerator is nervous!