Nature Fact: baby bears are born with fur because a mother bear can’t bear to bear a bare bear

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Me: What’s your strongest weakness?

Candidate: …

*Realises stupid question & thinks of cover up

M: It’s a trick question. You’re hired!


“I hate you but I love you. I miss you but you make me sick. You’re wonderful but get away from me” -My love letter to carbs


I took over 50,000 steps today by taping my fitness bracelet to my Roomba.


How many Apple users does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. When the bulb goes, they just replace the house.


Husband: I’ll unload the dishwasher for you, honey.

Me: No rush.

3 days later…….regrets saying no rush.


“We should see other people”
“It’s not u it’s me”
– coo
“I’m breaking up w/ u”
– coo
“I’m sleeping w/ ur brother”
– not coo



me: “DUNNO,” I yell from the bathroom; the penguin and I can barely contain our laughter.


*walking in forest*
*tree falls and makes a loud noise*
*tree gets up*
*tree pull a knife on me*
“You didn’t hear SHIT”
*tree runs off*


Any time someone says “have you seen that YouTube video?”

I always say yes……… Because otherwise they make you watch it on their phone