Oh thank goodness, my Uber driver knows what’s really wrong with this country.

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Being a zombie wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for all the walking.


The pottery scene in “Ghost,” except you’re slowly but steadily pushing the other person’s face into the clay.


A guy told me I’m bad at flirting and I got so mad I took back all the dead birds I nailed to his door.


The NFL has hired their first female referee.

She will throw flags for penalties the teams
committed 5 years ago.


[Talking w/Doc]
The wife wants to try period sex
“Seems unsanitary to me”
I dont think u understand-
*wife bursts in wearing medieval armor*


Me: I have a younger sister but she’s nothing like me.

Him: Wow, she sounds perfect.


All amusement parks are abandoned amusement parks right now. The Scooby Doo crew must be overwhelmed.


God: you can climb trees, go on land and swim in water.
Snake: OMG, really?
God: pretty cool right!
Snake: you didn’t have to do all this!
God: it was nothing
Snake: so how fast can I run?
Snake: I bet I can run really fast!
Snake: so fast on my legs!


Lack of diversity in period pieces is wild. It’s as if black ppl were invented during slavery got discontinued then relaunched in the 60s.