On second thought this “Thug’s Life” tattoo probably shouldn’t have been done in Comic Sans.

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[bankruptcy court]
JUDGE: *rubbing bridge of nose* Says here you bought 1000 bouncy castles?
ME: *lips on mic* For my kingdom, Your Honor


[at the pearly gates]

I said, “send me a selfie.”
Then she said, “too ugly today.”
So I said, “never stopped you before”
…& here I am.


me: *nervously* will he feel anything while you’re operating?

car mechanic: no


I’m wearing black today so powdered sugar donuts seem like a solid choice.


Me: I’m worried about my kleptomania.
Doctor: Here, take this.


Watch The Walking Dead with someone who’s super into it so every time a zombie appears you can pull the old, “Wait, who’s this now?”


Me: [bursts into wife’s meeting] BABE, IT HAPPENED!
Wife: Dave, I’m at wo-
Me: I paid for 6 [empties chicken nuggets on table] I got 7


SOCK COP: i’ll ask you one last time, WHERE IS MY PARTNER?

DRYER: rot in hell, pig