Once Prince dies there will be some freaky shit that comes out like he ate only butterflies or bathed in babies or something. Mark.My.Words.

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I literally just used the flashlight on my phone to search under the couch for my phone if you ladies are looking for someone with all their ducks in a row


Hell hath no fury like a woman being told she looks tired.


Got thrown out of another poetry reading for shouting “oooh naughty” every time someone used a metaphor for sex


CIVIL ENGINEER: ok let’s build stuff.

UNCIVIL ENGINEER: *smashes popsicle stick bridge*


Ask your doctor if doctors are right for you. Make them self conscious. Question their motives. Die unnecessarily young and smug.


I can’t tell if the vegans upstairs are having sex or are finally eating a steak.


Son: Dad, what does ‘gay’ means?
Father: It means ‘to be happy’.
Son: Are you gay?
Father: No, son. I have a wife.


All of your inspirational tweets make me want to track you down and pee on something you love.


1. Rage against the machine.
2. Check to make sure machine is plugged in.
3. Apologize to the toaster for the misunderstanding.