One thing I’m good at is making grocery lists.They are some great damn lists.They don’t come to the store with me. But they are sweet lists.

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To the teenager that flipped me off for honking at you. Your phone is on top of your car.


Do you know why I pulled you over?
“Yes, because I was driving a motorized toilet.”
I meant this time
“Oh. No.”
Please step out of the oven.


Eggs come out of the carton left to right, buddy. Not all willy-nilly like some crazy person who hates America.


Mark my words, but use something erasable cause I change my mind a lot.


guys: women are a mystery.
women: Here is what we-
women: well for start-
guys: Guess we’ll never know!


This day in history. 1950. The FBI put out its first 10 Most Wanted list and my dad lost a bet because only 2 of the guys were his brothers.


Mother Earth: Whose fault is this?

*tectonic plate brothers point at each other*