Operator: “9-1-1 please hold…”
Me: “Ok. Hey, stop stabbing me for a second.”
Murderer: “K.”

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I’m as nervous as a United Airlines standby passenger.


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.”

Mover: “Fine. Where do you want the couch?”


netflix: are you still watching

me, on my phone not paying any attention at all: yes


doctor: u are overweight
me: hah yeah
doc: ok drop your pants
me: ur giving mixed messages doc!
me: so do u like the Indians


Hey Chandler, wanna hang out with me, Phoebe and Monica later? We’re going to the park to open and close umbrellas in a fountain.


No one in movies or TV shows ever properly freak out when they see someone eat sauce off a wooden spoon then put the spoon that they just licked back in the sauce.


PATIENT: i just feel like something is missing from my life
THERAPIST: [is a cat] have you tried biting plastic