our anxious 4yo recently learned that all humans die. it was really tough, we all cried, but we got through it.

today he found out that all humans die at DIFFERENT TIMES and he’s LIVID

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Amazing how many stupid choices are made on smart phones.


That security feature that hides passwords with asterisks does me no good because my password for everything is eight asterisks.


[Driving home from restaurant]

ME: What?
ME: Sheesh. All I did was call the gluten-free stuff “de-floured”


Cop: Where were you on the night of July 19th 2009?

Me: Well I had diarrhea that day

Cop: That was 10 years ago. How do you remember that?

Me: *slamming fist on table* I have diarrhea every day


[waking from 10 yr coma] Where am I?

“Don’t worry. You’re home in America”

But…I’m Swedish!

“World Emperor Trump will explain everything”


I’m happiest when people tell me “Don’t be a hero” because there’s absolutely no way I’m going to disappoint them.


I forgot why I was retracing my steps so I gave up and re-retraced them back to bed.


11: how large is Scotland Yard?

Me: a yard is 3 feet. So…

11: never mind, I will ask google.