Our neighbour always gets my wife’s name wrong, so she started doing the same to him. She apologises and says English names “are challenging to remember” and “am I saying it right?”. His name is Ken

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Don’t feel like going to the gym?

Go to all your ex’s facebook pages and see who they’re dating now.

Then go to the gym.


I want to create a show called “Deja Vu” simply for the “Previously on Deja Vu”.


*First day as a boxing cornerman*

Me: So did you guys even try to talk this out first or what


LIFE HACK: If a public restroom is locked, violently yank the door handle over and over like a gorilla and never accept that it’s occupied


Just how hairy was the dude who invented a shampoo called Head & Shoulders?


I must be ill – I thought I saw a sausage fly past my window, but it was actually a seabird. I think I’ve taken a tern for the wurst.


*judge bangs gavel*
Ok let’s reconvene after a quick 20 min recess
*immediately knocks over defense attorney to get to the slide first*


I think that as a reward for losing 200 lbs you should be able to use all of that loose skin to become a human version of a flying squirrel.