Overheard at work:
Mom to her little daughter: “what’s that in your hair? Is that a piece of chicken nugget??”
Little girl, very excitedly: “YEAH!”

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*stops next to punks at red light*

*stares them down, turns up The Walking Dead opening music*

*light turns green, slowly accelerates*


me as a realtor:
This house does include a crawl space. It’s probably full of bones already, but you can always add more bones yourself.


You know what’s sad? 3 of my team members dying of drinking poison and the last dying of a fractured neck because he didn’t drink the poison


“You’re going out with that boy again? He’s no good.”

“Relax, grandma.”

*furiously knits a condom*

“Grandma, that’s not how it works.”


I just witnessed an employee choking on her noodles and now I feel sorry for her husband.


me: Go back!
uber driver: Did I miss the turn?
me [already in the front seat trying to find the station that was playing Taylor Swift]


I’m like a cupcake: I’m short, round, mostly sweet and not everyone likes me.


Apparently when your wife asks you to get your toddler off your bed she doesn’t mean knock him off with a pillow