People telling me “Don’t be stupid” like I have some kinda say in the matter.

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*learns all Froot Loops are the same flavor regardless of color*
*sadly deletes 583 page PhD thesis*


[book store]

ME: *dumps pile of misshapen swans on counter*

CLERK: What is that?

ME: “Origami for Dummies.” I want to return it.


Watch Forrest Gump

*feel inspired

*toss orthotics out, go for jog

*1/2 block later, keel over and die next to shit happens bumper sticker


My dogs would be happier if I spent more time walking them and less time folding their ears inside out.


I’ve never had a better karate instructor than a spider web.


Doing United States puzzle with 7 when he tells me that “Alabama should be called Mr. Sippi since it’s next to Mrs. Sippi.”


I thought I wanted to get married again.

Then I laughed and remembered why I shouldn’t think.


“We have literally a zillion binders full of selfies.” – Top Secret NSA Memo


people who ask you to take your shoes off before you come inside just want to use your socks to clean their floors as you walk. don’t fall for their trap. don’t be a mop.