People who make grand sweeping generalizations are all idiots

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[first date]
HER: I love to learn
ME: (trying to impress her) I spent two extra years in high school


How do you say “I’m sorry I got you pregnant, but my plane leaves in an hour. I might visit the baby one day.” in Korean?


Me: You’re a cat person aren’t you?

Her: [Completely ignores me]

Me: Knew it!


“What are you doing tonight?”

Gonna smoke some Herb.


-guys who work in a crematorium


They tried it standing up, sitting down and bent over the kitchen table but it was no good – they just couldn’t get a decent wi-fi signal.


Let’s have some fun! I’m up for anything today!*

*As long as there aren’t too many stairs.


A man 20 years my junior just stepped right in front of me without saying excuse me. So I tripped him and he fell down the stairs. I asked him if he was okay because I have manners.