[phone rings]
Hi, is your refrigerator running?
…well Hillary is! Hi, I’d like to talk to you about the Clinton campaign.

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I just coughed so loud the neighbors set their house on fire and drove away.


[first day as Uber driver]

ME: Are you Keith?

Ronald McDonald statue sitting on a bench:


Store Clerk: Happy holidays
Me (angrily): Merry…CHRISTMAS
Clerk (even angrier): SEASON’S GREETINGS
[we just start choking each other]


i hate when you’re boiling an egg and it gets a crack in it and the egg’s ghost escapes. very scary and i don’t like it


[Lying on a bed of expensive Vitctoria’s Secret panties]

Me: This is absolutely magnificent.

[Alarm clock sounds. Wakes up on a bed of dollar store panties]

Me: This is pretty alright I guess.


Things that make me irrationally angry:

• fire ants
• random clicking sounds
• hangnails
• brass or gold accents in home décor
• mayonnaise


It is a truth universally acknowledged that no two people have the same interpretation of the words “We need to leave in ten minutes.”


3YO: Why do I have to share a room with my twin sister?
ME: Because we only anticipated having one of you.


“All the single ladies…
All the single ladies…
All the single ladies…”

– list of girls who wouldn’t talk to me in high school