picking up knife:

picking up knife in movie: *SHING*

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[Baby trying to say first words]
Baby: b..bu
Me: cmon son
Baby: bu..bu..s
Wife: Yes sweetheart
Baby: Bush did 9/11
Me[tearing up]: He knows


I built an electric fence around my house. My neighbour is dead against it.


Everyone: Look at all of those red flags.

Me: Red is the color of love tho.


Some people are like water balloons; they’re more fun when you throw them out the window.


In Florida, a man on a beer run chased customers with an alligator under his arm. In a related story, there is a bill to change the Florida state flag to a guy buying beer with an alligator under his arm.


Daughter: we’re both wearing vests again!

Me: that makes us vest friends!

Daughter: vest friends forever!




Daughter: HAHAHAHA!

Wife: did you buy those just so you can make that joke with her?

Me: i’m invested in our relationship : )


Me: I ran into Bill on the ride home.

Wife: How’s he doing?

Me: 3 cracked ribs, a broken hip & a collapsed lung.


Two things you need to know about me:

1. I am hung over.

2. Sometimes I say the word over for no reason.