“Pop star, Justin Bieber, was charged with DUI, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest.”
Britney Spears whispers,

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*walks into room to find toddler stuck upside down yelling for help*

“Hold it right there baby, Mommy’s just taking a quick picture”


I think I’m gonna shave my legs so that there’s less wind resistance when I run to the fridge for a beer.


I cough whenever I answer the phone so people know not to invite me to anything.


Sorry I was staring at your nachos while you were talking about your painful divorce


whenever i watch the tv show Friends, i imagine im the seventh friend, Dirk, who just stays home while all his friends do stuff without him


I confuse “playing dead” with “playing dumb” so if I ever encounter a bear I’ll probably be like “Listen, I don’t even know how I got here.”


son: dad sing me a song

me: alright *clears throat* SHAWTY HAD THEM APPLE BOTTOM JEANS

wife from the other room: JEANS


wife: *shows up, grabs both door handles and drops it low* WITH THE FUR



I suck at video games. I mess up the character’s life like I have my own. I played Mario today and he ended up $60K in debt and had 4 DUIs.


[watching Jaws]

Me: Which ones Jaws

Girlfriend: Who do u think?

Me: (noticing all of the characters so far have jaws) Idk its hard 2 tell


I now pronounce you internet boyfriend and girlfriend.
You may put your hand down your pants and kiss your phone.