pope: love all
*everyone cheers*
*he serves a tennis ball right into the crowd*
pope: fifteen-love

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What religious people say: “I have you in my prayers.”
What non-religious people hear: “I’m trying to raise Aquaman on this cat radio.”


My Voodoo doll would be a glazed ham wrapped in chicken feathers.


Want to annoy the man in your life? Pronounce MMA “mama”.


My husband is helping me relax this morning by making the kids lunches. He’s asked me 57 times what goes in each lunchbox, and still hasn’t found the bread yet.


Friend of mine is convinced this whole virus thing is a hoax. It’s hard to doubt him because he also knows exactly where they’re hiding the aliens in Area 51


I followed this woman on a bike with an empty baby seat for a half a mile yelling, “your baby jumped out!” before she gave me the finger.


Ouiji boards are a little less intimidating knowing they’re from Hasbro.


I decided to become a dad when I noticed how many kids never finish their nuggets.


Got fired from PetSmart for unionizing the hamsters