Pro tip: The Labor Day weekend is a great time to start drafting your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas tweets.

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that show “Intervention” should just be called “Haters”


[Friend who gave birth a week ago]

“I’m on the treadmill!”

[Me who gave birth 18 years ago]

“My tailbone still hurts”


“Your résumé says you’ve been to prison?”

Me: Sorry, that’s a mistake

“So you haven’t?”

Me: I have, I just didn’t mean to put it on there


Oh no I got so excited that you texted me that I accidentally replied 11 thousand times and then swung into your house on a rope


Please stop making sex robots, if I want to have sex I’ll do it the way God intended: By making a regular robot fall in love with me.


April showers bring may flowers. What did the Mayflower bring? Smallpox


Ok, seriously men… You can’t hear yourselves snoring, but the slightest crinkle of a chip bag, and you’re suddenly wide awake?!


Me: sorry I can’t make it to your party tonight but I’m kinda popular & I can’t jeopardise that by being seen with you..

Daughter: wtf dad?