Questions my toddler asked me this week:

– Which is better, a tree or yogurt?
– Do frogs know that they are frogs?
– Why do they still make regular blueberries when the chocolate ones are better?
– Were you ever alive?

How about your kid?

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Grammar is:
1. How we structure our sentences.
2. Grandpa’s wife.

Some of you will pick number two.


The Mens Rights subreddit did a poll to show how diverses their users are. They are 80% Single, white, 18-24, american males. HAHAHAHAHAHA


I was singing in the gym shower & the girl in the one beside me started singing along & then suddenly my life became this weird, naked duet.


It’s very funny to me that in The Wizard of Oz Glinda is like “only bad witches are ugly” five seconds after asking Dorothy if she’s a good witch or a bad witch.


After three beers in a bikini I quit holding in my stomach and just think of baby names to tell people.


Is there a hand sanitizer out there that can kill the 0.01% germ?


[time traveler returns home to 1881] guys i forgot to grab the cure for malaria but here’s some…DORITOS LOCOS TACOS [loud cheering]


Pet peeve. Toilets that flush 4 me the moment I stand. I’d like to see the work I’ve done before it’s violently ripped from my view. #life


Hey guys, which cell phone provider drops the most calls? I need to get one for my mom.


A man played Justin Bieber to force an attacking bear to run off. He was treated for his injuries, then arrested for cruelty to animals.