Reached a point in my life that I have no ‘bones to pick’ nor ‘axes to grind’. Most would call it forgiveness, I call it memory loss and it’s peaceful.

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How do I tell a guy that I’m only interested in him because I’d like to take selfies with his puppy?


james bond: shaken not stirred

home depot employee: thats how we always mix the paint


I told my kid he mustn’t use the word ‘hate’ as it’s hurtful and mean and then I made absolutely sure he apologised to the cheese


Me: *on the phone with my parents* So mom, what did the doctor say? 

2: *from across the room* no more monkeys jumping on the bed!


DR.: you’re going to feel a little bit of pressure. Ready?
ME: yes
DR.: your sister is younger but already has a career path & owns her home


The seven new planets cause havoc with your readings. There is nothing but chaos and pain and, for some reason, hot singles in your area.


Marriage license: Contractual agreement to laugh at your spouse’s same three bad jokes for life.


My son recovered from his illness while I was filling out all the paperwork in the waiting room.


Hey person who wrote “WASH ME” on my car, I know it wasn’t my car that wrote that. My car doesn’t speak English. I’m onto you.


Cat: Meow

Me: Hi

Cat: Meoww

*picks up cat*

Cat: Meowww

*puts cat down*

Cat: Meowwww

*feeds cat*

Cat: Meowwwww