1. use the word “plethora” more
2. learn at least four new bird calls – no, wait. learn a plethora of new bird calls.

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[murder scene]

DETECTIVE: Let’s run through the suspects.
DETECTIVE: Who’s the most likely?
PARTNER: The husband, for sure.
DETECTIVE: Who else?
PARTNER: Her business partner.
DETECTIVE: And, the least likely?
PARTNER: *shrugs* Tom Hanks, I guess.


He entered the gym: eye patch on, peg leg in; he’d made his costume himself. It was a pilates class. He realised his mistake immediately.


Of course I’m a mom, why else would I hide in the laundry room to eat cake?


*ex GF pulls up to drive thru where I work*
“Big mac please”
“Would u like LIES with that?!”
*my boss dragging me away*


Rob somebody at gunpoint today, show the world how serious you are at nicknaming your new friend Robert.


Not a big conspiracy theory guy but I’m convinced that Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars are made by Dyson.


“I could really use a side piece” was a phrase I uttered that didn’t help my jigsaw puzzle or my marriage.


me: [standing over a hot open fire at night]

10: this is nice dad

me: it is son [puts arm around him] yes it is.

10: but why are you burning all of our jeans?

me: we don’t need them anymore, son. jeans are a thing of the past now. [bites into a mozzarella stick]


Dads out on the dance floor just respecting the heck out of the fine craftsmanship of the wood and stain.