Robber: If you ever want to see your family again do exactly as I say. Now hand me that bag!

Me: *sets bag on fire*

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Just when you think parenting can’t be any weirder, you find yourself consoling your son, upset that he can’t get a squirrel to hug him.


not sure if Ambien makes you tweet racist stuff but I can confirm pairing Makers Mark with Hot Pockets at 1AM will make you ‘like’ all of your high school crush’s Facebook photos


Confuse people by affixing “but not necessarily at this juncture” to the end of each sentence.


Trump is the perfect candidate for American guys who secretly believe they could come out of the stands and score a touchdown


Don’t fight your demons: invite them in, nurture them, fuel their unholy power, get them to destroy your enemies, take them bowling.


I love you just the way you are.

Though I do have a few suggestions.


Turns out I wasn’t in narnia, I was in my dishwasher high on bath salts


I ate a chocolate bar in bed last night & my wife said, “you have a problem” so I replied, “no, you have a problem; I have a chocolate bar.”


You can’t control how people treat you but you can control your reaction, I say as I gently lower you into your grave