*sends you a 13-page love letter & introduces you to my parents in order to scare your hiccups away*

*you’re cured*

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Y’all ever rage clean your kids’ toys so hard that whoever goes to Goodwill next week is going to hit the Jackpot?


You gotta love Jesus.
He’s born, you get presents. He dies, you get chocolate.


GOD: it’s time I punished the humans again
JESUS: cool. flood or plague?
GOD:[watching The Apprentice] oh I’ve something way worse in mind..


She wasn’t like other girls.

She was fifty stories of ceramic and titanium, bristling with particle cannons and mass drivers, built to drive back the horrors that came from between the stars and perhaps one day bring the war to their doorsteps.

And prom was in one week…


GF: um—you said you had something important to show me
[a fat little penguin waddles by wearing a monacle]


Break into your neighbor’s house every night but don’t take anything just put a cape on their dog


This fall on Fox:
X-Files Babies.
Baby Skully and Baby Mulder meet at a petting zoo when they both get knocked over by the same goat.


“How about if the villain is a psychopath out to make a skin suit?”
– Not in a kids movie, dude.
“Ok, but it’s puppy skin?”
– Oh, then YES!